Mainstream | Single: LFO

LFO: Freak (Warp)

By Captain Roscoe's Mandolin

"This is going to make you freak!"


So goes the synth vocal line on Mark Bell's first solo output since '96. These vintage blip-jives are like dusting down your Atari 2600 and plugging it in to remind yourself how the old school will always, unfailingly, rip the new wave competition to pixel dust.

Having just worked a stint at a Playstation software company, I know how annoying dumb retro fetishism gets, especially in the field of nascent gaming and the music that came with it. But this is just a great composition using a mid-eighties electro palette, replete with blip-storm and all.


Originally published in Absorb - June 2003

"Again, I've no idea who wrote this review. Still, another ace single from the much-missed Mark Bell. Ace video too! And used effectively for the mad title seqeunce to Gasper Noe's 'Enter The Void'. The album 'Sheath' sucked though."