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Blacktronica Feature: Blacktronica

Jonas' intriguing dissection of the groundbreaking and some would say legendary club night hosted by Charlie Dark.

By Jonas Andersson - March 2002

Mouse on Mars Interview: Mouse on Mars

A pub lunch and a chat with Andi Toma of Mouse on Mars just before their gig at the Bug Bar in Brixton. Alcohol was consumed. Words were said.

By Sheikh Ahmed - April 2001

Raster Noton Video: 12 Years - Raster Noton

The boys from Chemnitz let their collective hair down and rock out to some pixel pushing fun!

By Sheikh Ahmed - May 2008

Electrocuted Gallery: Electrocuted

Brixton. 2000. When ganja filled the night air and the local KFC was locked down like a fortress.

By Sheikh Ahmed - July 2000

RIP Absorb Feature: RIP Absorb

A touching tribute to the online publication that somehow managed to exist for the best part of a decade. We should have had a paywall....

By Elizabeth Wells - September 2004

Jeff Mills Interview: Jeff Mills

When Anil, our then horribly young hack, managed to piss off the elder statesman of techno. Last time we let him near a dance legend again.

By Anil Bawa - December 2002

Trevor Jackson Interview: Trevor Jackson

He might be the man about town these days. But back then, we interviewed him first....actually that's a lie.

By Sheikh Ahmed & Philip Raffaele - November 2001

Bling The Grime Feature: Bling The Grime

Nothing like an article about old dance music is there. It's the equivalent of snuggling under your favourite blanket on the sofa whilst sipping a cup of hot cocoa.

By DeForrest Gate - December 2002

Plaid Gallery: Plaid

Kings of the tartan jungle....

By Sheikh Ahmed - November 1999